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I'd rather be called STRONG
than pretty.

I'd rather be called MUSCULAR
than skinny

I'd rather be called ATHLETIC
than beautiful

I'd rather be called a BASKETBALL PLAYER
than a girl

We respect those that came before, 

We play with those we stand beside

We are the example for those to come

2021-2022 Practice Schedule



Who We are

DCBC is a competitive girls youth basketball program preparing athletes for Dowling Catholic High School basketball.

Dowling Catholic Basketball Club commits to:

  • Developing leaders for life, centered on Christ
  • Increasing players' passion for the game
  • Developing individual skills and improving player's basketball IQ
  • Teaching fundamentals, terminology, and team concepts that are used in the Dowling Catholic HS program
  • Providing players an opportunity to interact with Dowling Catholic HS varsity coaches and players

Frequently Asked COVID Questions

We know there are many questions about what will DCBC do during the Corona Virus Pandemic to keep my daughter safe.  At this time, there are no screening/masking precautions that will be implemented.  DCBC will continue to monitor the COVID-19 numbers and make changes as needed and recommended by national and local health authorities.  As always, if you feel more comfortable having your daughter wear a mask during tryouts/practices/games that is fine. 

DCBC will be outfitting all of our coaches again this season with a "COVID" prepared kit in an effort to do all WE can to help minimize the spread.  

Please note that our policies may change as the season progresses and we learn more about new recommendations from local, state and national health organizations.  If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed, please feel free to contact Pati Berger (DCBC board president at or Kristin Meyer ( 

UPDATE 1/18/2022:

Player/coach tests positive for COVID-19

  • if a player/coach tests positive for COVID 19 (regardless of vaccination status and if they are symptomatic or not) they need to stay away from  DCBC activities for 10 days.  (Just for clarification: Day 0 is the day symptoms started, Day 1 is the day after symptoms started).  Player/coach also needs to be fever free for >24hrs (without the use of fever reducing medications) and showing improvement in symptoms before they are able to return.

Player/coach is exposed to someone that is positive for COVID-19

  • If a player/coach is exposed and is fully vaccinated
    • they will need to be symptom free for 24 hours before they can return to DCBC activities.
    • Testing is recommended to be done between days 5-7 from exposure to known positive individual (if family chooses).
    • Masks need to be worn for a total of 10 days from last known exposure to positive individual
  • If a player/coach is exposed and is NOT fully vaccinated
    • they need to be symptom free for 10 days before returning to DCBC activities; unless they have a negative antigen test done between days 5-7 and remain symptoms free, then they may return to DCBC activities prior to day 10
    • If testing is performed prior to day 10 and is negative. Player may return to DCBC activities but must wear a mask for 10days from last exposure to known positive individual
    • If symptoms would develop at any time, please quarantine and contact your health care provider


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Another Win!!

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8th grade starting the season strong

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